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Picof 2020 Official Selection

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written by Jay Ignacio
illustrated by Alex Nino

Kidnapped by Iranun pirates, Sabina discovers she is the granddaughter of the Sutan of Sulu. There, she meets a mysterious warrior named Alandal.

Aswang High

written by Macoy
illustrated by Cy Vendivil

Abel Alcazar receives a "very special scholarship" to a high school for supernatural creatures! To make matters worse, Abel gets entangled in a schoolyard rumor that the cafeteria serves human flesh.


written by Kahlil Baet & Raymund Bermudez
illustrated by Raymund Bermudez

Raymond enters a magical balete tree to save his childhood friend Omar who was kidnapped by an enchanting diwata.


written and illustrated by Ruvel Abril

An accomplished painter attends a bizarre art exhibit, where every painting depicts a disturbing event in his life. As he attempts to seek answers, strange events twist his perception of reality.

Doobiedoo Asks

written by Bambi Amago
illustrated by Roland Amago

Doobiedoo asks the funniest questions, but when he asks his parents "What's wrong with me?" — it leads them to discover Doobie has autism. Parenting may be extra challenging, but it also leads to even greater rewards.

Little Wolf

written and illustrated by Cat S.

Little Wolf is not afraid of exploring outside her den. But during her first hunt with the pack, she makes a mistake on the field and gets lost. Little Wolf hopes to find her way home.

My Name Is Agung

written and illustrated by Ma-i Entico

A boy falls into the underworld with no memories except a name, Agung. And so his journey begins to discover who he truly is.

The Ticking Stone

written by Vaughn Pinpin
illustrated by Vaugh Pinpin & Tristan Yuvienco

Toby accidentally swallows a strange stone that ticks when danger is near. While coping with the stone's monstrous side effects, Toby must find the aswang in his sleepy town.

Third World Power

written by JV Tanjuatco
illustrated by Jim Jimenez

Deos, a misguided street kid, absorbs the collective anger of the Filipino people and gains god-like powers. He hopes to solve his country's third world problems but realizes there are no easy solutions.

Twinkle Twinkle

written and illustrated by Tori Tadiar

Manila, the Golden Age. Twins Alta and Signa use their mystical ability to catch stars, hoping to sell the stardust to a mysterious patron. The twins discover that catching falling stars has a price, and costs more than what they bargained for.


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